Magic Mushroom Psilocybe Cubensis




Magic Mushroom Psilocybe Cubensis

Best Place to Buy Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom from Omega Shrooms . Psilocybe cubensis is a species of psychedelic mushroom whose principal active compounds are psilocybin and psilocin. Commonly called shrooms, magic mushrooms, golden tops, cubes, or gold caps, it belongs to the Hymenogastraceae family of fungi and was previously known as Stropharia cubensis. It is the most well known psilocybin mushroom due to its wide distribution and ease of cultivation. Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom

Psilocybe cubensis is probably the most widely known of the psilocybin containing mushrooms used. Its major psychoactive compounds are:

•Psilocybin (4-phosphoryloxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine)
•Psilocin (4-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine)
•Baeocystin (4-phosphoryloxy-N-methyltryptamine)
•Norbaeocystin (4-phosphoryloxytryptamine)

The concentrations of psilocin and psilocybin, determined by high-performance liquid chromatography, were determined to be in the range of 0.14–0.42%/0.37–1.30% (dry weight) in the whole mushroom, 0.17–0.78%/0.44–1.35% in the cap and 0.09–0.30%/0.05–1.27% in the stem.Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom

Individual brain chemistry and psychological predisposition play a significant role in determining appropriate doses. For a modest psychedelic effect, a minimum of one gram of dried Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is ingested orally. 0.25–1 gram is usually sufficient to produce a mild effect, 1–2.5 grams usually provides a moderate effect. 2.5 grams and higher usually produces strong effects. For most people, 3.5 dried grams (1/8 oz) would be considered a high dose and may produce an intense experience; this is, however, typically considered a standard dose. For many individuals doses above 3 grams may be overwhelming. For a few rare people, doses as small as 0.25 grams can produce full-blown effects normally associated with very high doses. For most people, however, that dose level would result in virtually no effects. Due to factors such as age and storage method, the psilocybin content of a given sample of mushrooms will vary. Effects usually start after approximately 20–60 minutes (depending on method of ingestion and stomach contents) and may last from four to ten hours, depending on dosage. Visual distortions often occur, including walls that seem to breathe, a vivid enhancement of colors and the animation of organic shapes. At higher doses, experiences tend to be less social and more entheogenic, often intense and spiritual in nature.Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom

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Psilocybe cubensis grows naturally in some areas of the U.S., throughout Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia. They are so popular for home growing because they are relatively forgiving- even within the cubensis species, some specific strains have earned reputations as being particularly easy to grow.

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The effects of very high doses can be overwhelming depending on the particular phenotype of cubensis, growth method, and the individual. Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms can come in rather different sizes. It is recommended that one weigh the actual mushrooms, as opposed to simply counting them. People taking MAOIs need to be careful, as psilocybin and psilocin are metabolized by the enzyme monoamine oxidase. A monoamine oxidase inhibitor reduces the body’s ability to metabolize psilocin and psilocybin, greatly increasing the intensity of the experience. This can sometimes produce uncomfortable or undesirably intense experiences.

Magic mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe are still marketed as ‘novel psychoactive substances’, notably the spores and mycelia of Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe semilanceata, which are sold with sand as ‘specimens for microscopy’. The addition of water allows fruiting of the mushrooms after a few days. Sometimes spores are sold as a suspension in solution in a sterile syringe and when this suspension is added with water to a suitable fruiting matrix, for example a breakfast cereal, the spores will germinate and produce fruiting bodies (the mushroom caps; basidia) [15].

Possession of the whole fresh or dried prepared material of Psilocybe is an offence in the UK and ‘head shops’ and websites circumvent this legislation by marketing the spores in suspension as an aid to microscopy and a microbiological training aid. The main psychoactive components are, however, Class A drugs in the UK.

Specifically, these species contain the phosphate ester psilocybin which is hydrolyzed in vivo to psilocin, which is the main psychoactive component of magic mushrooms and shows marked similarity with serotonin (Fig.14.4). Psilocybin is a serotonin agonist and has high affinity for the 5HT2A receptors [4].

Figure 14.4. The structures of the main components of Psilocybe, psilocybin and psilocin, show marked similarity with serotonin.

The symptoms of psilocybin and psilocin intoxication are similar to that of LSD and mescaline, but with a shorter action [16]. The acute toxicity of aqueous extracts of P. cubensis has been investigated in rats with an increased rearing behaviour, gnawing and even a gender difference being observed [17]. Psilocybin-like myocardial toxicity has also been investigated [18] and the authors concluded that sub-chronic intoxication may lead to a magnesium imbalance without affecting the concentrations of calcium, sodium, potassium or chloride.

In the 1960s and 1970s collections of the Liberty Cap (Psilocybe semilanceata) across various parts of the UK was a popular endeavour; users reported vivid visual hallucinations and auditory disturbances [19]. Case reports for the sensory hallucinogenic effects of magic mushrooms are manifold [20,21] and whilst significant systemic toxicity appears to be rare, the main cause of fatality arises from misadventure due to psychosis [22]. In a Swedish study looking at intoxications by analysis of urine content over a 4-year period covering 103 cases, psilocin was found to be the most frequently observed psychoactive and was found in 54% of cases [23].

An example of this includes resisting arrest and the assault on a police officer [24] where the assailant was intoxicated with psilocin after ingesting 4 mg of magic mushrooms and attempts to subdue the assailant with nine bean bag rounds and multiple Taser usage failed. The man subsequently was shot trying to enter a police car containing a loaded rifle. Analysis of a post-mortem urine sample reported 4200 ng/mL of psilocin. This case demonstrates the psychotic, bizarre and ‘seemingly purposeful behavior’ [24] that these materials can elicit. However, an important and recent review by Van Amsterdam and co-workers [25] on Psilocybe use in the Netherlands has concluded that its use is relatively safe and that only a few and mild adverse effects have been reported. According to the Coordination point Assessment and Monitoring new drugs (CAM), Netherlands, the dependence potential of the mushroom was low as well as chronic toxicity while acute toxicity was moderate. However, the unpredictable nature of panic attacks and flashbacks associated with this material remain a point of concern.

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